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Arttu Wiskari realized his dream and founded a restaurant

Musician Arttu Wiskari has been one of the most popular singer-songwriters in Finland for over ten years, the Mökitie song was released in the summer of 2010. Artu and his wife Paulina have had a dream of their own restaurant for years and now it is in Kivenlahti, Espoo, Wiskarila.

“Yes, the music business is more merciless than the restaurant business, even though the long hours here clearly have to be done,” says Wiskari, who cleaned up his restaurant last night for four, when asked which industry is tougher.

Wiskari says that for him, besides running a musician and a record label, the restaurant is his hobby. Every now and then she can be seen behind the counter, and wife Pauliina looks after the restaurant. Hundreds of lunches have been in Wiskarila right after opening the restaurant, and food deliveries are being made to dozens of workers in the area.

Wiskarila’s idea is to make it a comfortable living room for anyone 20 or older, right up to grandma and danger. Good food, drink, ambience and comfort are key issues.

There are eight DraughtMaster faucets on the Wiskarila bar counter with Karhua, Brooklyn beers, K1664 Blancia, Somersby cider and KOFF Long Drink. Arttu himself likes Brooklyn’s East India Pale Alle, but especially KOFF beer.

“KOFF beer I have kept themselves at all times. Bear’s selector taps due to customers’ preference, but I have KOFF-man, “said Arttu and at the same time show the SCUBA-arm tattoo.

“Sinebrychoff’s sales and equipment service are at the forefront. I got clear instructions on how to set up the faucet installation and it felt like everything was really fast and professional. Incredibly good service, ”Wiskari praises.

In September, Wiskarila’s food offering will continue to evolve with the Wings of Wings and Roslund burgers, and the whole concept will evolve – with karaoke nights and various music themed evenings.

How often, then, does Wiskari himself enjoy being a customer at his own restaurant?

“I don’t spend all my free time here, but this is a job, too. But occasionally, at appropriate moments, I might perform on stage myself, and I also sang there yesterday, ”Wiskari laughs.

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