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In this article, we are going to talk about the best places to visit in Karachi.

Karachi the city of lights is the largest city of Pakistan and the fifth most popular city in the world. Karachi is considered as the financial hub of the country providing opportunities to everyone in the country. People from different parts of the country move to Karachi for living hood. But today we are going to talk about op places to visit in Karachi.


List of Names of Best Places to Visit in Karachi

Here is the list of all top and beautiful places to visit in Karachi which you should visit with family and friends. There are various beautiful places in Karachi to visit from every aspect like for outing and for a picnic. So let’s check out the list

Sea View

One of the most important and most hyped tourist places is sea view. Everyone living in Karachi and out of Karachi heard about this place and it is the most visited place in Karachi. If you are bored “Let’s go to sea view” if you are depressed “Let’s go to sea view” if you are happy “Let’s go to sea view”. You can enjoy horse riding and camel riding there and it has a beautiful sunset one can imagine.

Best Place to EnjoyTop Place in Karachi to Visi
Location: Sea View Location    

Churna Island

If you love underwater life and want to explore it more. Churna Island is the best place for that. it is a 2-hour drive from Central Karachi. On Churna Island, you can swim, snorkel and scuba dive. Trust me it is a whole new experience exploring the underwater life. You will see many creatures like Fish and snakes and many more that I can’t even name them. Water sports at Churna Island are also attracting many people.  It is safe and many companies along with professionals providing such services.

Adventurous Place in Karachi

Location: Churna Island

Tomb of Quaid e Azam

One of the best places to visit in Karachi is the tomb of Quaid – E – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan. We all have immense respect for him and anyone visiting Karachi should visit his tomb. It is beautifully built with white marbles and it is attractive for tourists.

Location: Quaid e Azam’s tomb

Mohatta Palace

From an architectural point of view, Mohatta Palace is the must-visit. It was built by Hindu Prince in 1925 which depicts Rajasthani style architecture and a must-visit place.  It is used today as a museum. Palace is also used for exhibitions as well.

Location: Mohatta Palace


Do Darya

The place with the most beautiful view for the outing is Do Darya. There are so many restaurants and provide a variety of food. This is the must-visit place if you love enjoying food and compliment the food with a beautiful view. The food is delicious there specially Kababjees and Kolachi.

Location: Dodarya

Quaid – E – Azam House Museum

Quaid e Azam house museum is another tourist attraction place in Karachi. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was also born in Karachi and spent his childhood in Karachi. Museum has a beautiful and peaceful garden around that.

Location: Jinnah Residency

Frere Hall

Frere Hall building was built in 1865. This is a great showcase of classical architecture. This is a historic place. The surroundings of Frere hall is covered with green grass. People consider it a picnic point, as well as lush green grass and trees around, which will help in getting pure oxygen. Around Frere, there are many other old architect buildings but sadly not maintained well.

Location: Frere hall

Turtle Beach

One of the beautiful places in Karachi for a picnic is Turtle beach. Karachi is so rich when it comes to beaches. There are many other beaches we are going to discuss. In winters season Karachi- ites can witness turtles at the turtle beach as well. it is a home of the green sea turtle. In this weather, they came to the beach to lay off their eggs. And it is also one of the best places for a picnic.

Location: Turtle Beach

Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s Bay beach is located 20 km southwest from Karachi. It is a famous picnic point for people in Karachi. People go there for swimming and other fun activities like camel and horse riding. In summer it is one of the most visited picnic points in Karachi. There are few beaches near Hawke’s bay like Neelum point, Paradise point, and Sandspit beach. There are huts available there for night stay as well.

Picnic Point in Karachi

Location: Hawke’s bay

Mubarak Village

Mubarak Village is another beach in Karachi. It is around 45 minutes away from Hawke’s bay. It is famous for its blue color water. In recent times a large number of visitors visited a Mubarak village. It is also an attraction for film shooting as well. You can’t spend a night here but huts are available for a day picnic. It is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen.

A calm place near Karachi.

Picture Credits: The.Artimitic (FB) ,(Instragram)

Port Grand

Port Grand is also one of the best places for an outing in Karachi. the long walking road is built on Sea. It has a mesmerizing view. It is also considered as Food Street for Karachi. At night it looks so beautiful and one should definitely visit this place. The peace and the breeze make a deadly combo and this place is one of them.

Best Enjoyment Place in Karachi

Location: Port Grand

Aladdin Amusement

If you are looking for fun, Aladdin Park is the one. The park is built on the architecture of the Aladdin Disney movie. The park has so many rides for kids and also for adults and it is not much expensive for outing purposes. It is only allowed for families, not for boys alone. It has some eateries and also small shops for shopping.

Location: Aladdin Amusement Park

Tooba Masjid

Tooba masjid also known as gol, or round masjid is an attraction for visitors. It is a masterpiece of art.

The most attractive part of the masjid is that it has no support of central pillars, the white dome is balanced on the low surrounding walls. It has a huge capacity of around 5000 people at a time.

Location: Tooba Masjid

Tooba Mosque best place to visit in Karachi

Pakistan Air force Museum

PAF is abbreviated for Pakistan Air force museum. This place has a wonderful environment and a good place for kids to learn about history. So many Airplanes have been placed there. Even the Airplane used by Quaid e Azam for traveling is available for visitors as well planes which have been used in wars are available there.  The museum is more like a park you can spend the evening there and enjoy your meals as well in the museum there are rides for kids as well. So they can enjoy to the fullest.

Location: PAF Museum

PAF_Museum best place to visit in Karachi

Pakistan Maritime Museum

Pakistan Maritime Museum was opened to promote and create awareness of the general public about the heritage of maritime. The museum spread over 18acres of land. This museum was opened for the general public in the year 1997. The museum also conducts all the educational institutes visit. Everyone should see the preserved defense equipment. In conclusion this place is best to refresh your energy and enjoy with your family at very nominal tickets.

email: info@pmm.com.pk

Office: [+92 21] 48503047

Location: Maritime Museum.

Pakistan_Maritime_Museum best place to visit in Karachi


If you are crazy about games and swings you should not miss this place. OnderLand Karachi is famous for its game-like Space wings, Wall climb, Bounce and the spin and many more. What makes OnedarLand unique is that it is the best indoor family entertainment center, including the unique experience of virtual reality and the only indoor roller coaster in Karachi. So, why are waiting for check details for a ticket on their website OnedarLand Karachi

Location: Onedar Land .

SuperSpace Karachi

Looking for an indoor theme park and place to enjoy with friends in Karachi so, you are in the right place. Start your day in superspace with warm up by doing a lot of jumping in the Bounce area because later you have to enjoy HAUNTED HOUSE which will shoot your heart rate more than jumping. If you want to get out of a haunted house you have to find your way throw Mirror Maze. Don’t miss the fun of BattleStation there. Other games include LaserMaze, Spider jet, VR games and much more.

Location: Superspace

Winterland Snow Park

Ever you dreamed to see snow in Karachi. Now your dream is a reality because recently in your city first-ever Pakistan indoor snow park started. An unmatched with full real snow and chilled activities. List of activities includes live snowfall, ice slide, ice sculptures, marry snow round, ice air hockey and bumper cars. So, if you looking for fun places to go to Karachi this place is clearly the answer.

Location: WinterLand Snow Park


Choosing a place where every family member or friend gets their interesting thing is hard to find. Like when we get bored some of us want to go for eating, some enjoy indoor activities like balling and snooker, some of us want to do adventurous activities hiking. Arena Karachi is the only place where you can find all these activities at once. Its games are entertaining for all ages, a place to enjoy a good time with your family. Their food is extraordinary to enjoy their food after a lot of fun activities.

Location: Arena

Burns Road

Burns Road Karachi is one of the oldest food streets in Karachi. It is also called the home of the best food in Karachi. After partition refugees started a new life in the street of Burns Road, now they are proud Pakistanis descendants call themselves Delhi Wallah (the ones of Delhi).  From stewed Nihari to creamy Sweet Rabri, from Waheed Kabab house to Dil Bahar Dahi Baray, this street got everything you want. Karachi got many other food streets but the Burns Road Karachi flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

Location Burns Road

Chaukhandi Tomb

Chawkandi means Four Corners. The tombs are built of yellow sand which was carried from the Jung Shah railway station near Thatta. Chawkandi is located also 25 to 30Km from Karachi to East. This graveyard is almost 600 years old. These graves are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Center. If you are curious about watching old heritage in Karachi, these tombs are worth seeing the place.

Location: Chawkandi Tombs

Hindu Gym Khana

This building is made by the contribution of Hindu Community and Seth Ramgopal Gourdhanandh Mohatta in the year 1925. Before partition, this place was being used by the elite class of the Hindu community. A unique knowledge about this place is that this building was designed by the first Muslim Architect of subcontinent Agha Ahmed Hussain. Now the National Academy of Performing Arts currently houses this place.

Location: Hindu Gym Khana

Arabian Sea Country Club

The oasis of calm. By their slogan country club is the place where you can free the stress of the traffic, noise, pollution and enjoy your day in the quiet place with bird’s chanting, all these are beautiful natural scenes boost your energy. Set in 200 acres of parkland which offers you a bouquet of sports and recreation. For golf lovers this place is most suitable beside this they can choose a range of ball games like cricket, tennis, squash, and billiards. So, in conclusion, the Country Club is the best place for an outing with the family in Karachi.

Location: Country Club

National Museum:

The hall was established on April 17th,1950 in Frere Hall. Later Museum was shifted to the present location in 1970. The idea behind the National Museum is to collect preserve study and exhibit the cultural records of the history of Pakistan. At present, there are 11 galleries including exquisite Koran galleries. There is almost 52 a rare manuscript are on display in the Quran gallery. Museum also has items to Pakistan’s cultural heritage.

Location: National Museum

national Museum Karachi best place to visit in Karachi Pakistan

Karachi Zoo: 

The zoo is a place that refreshes the soul of a human. Humans are closely attached to animals. Especially children enjoy going to the zoo, they also get information about animals. Zoo in Karachi is one of the oldest entertaining location in Karachi. Karachi zoo park contains a number of animals like Zebra, Tiger, Peacock and the list of bird’s species.  

Location: Karachi Zoo Park  

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