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Baking in foil

For this purpose, a large fish is suitable: carp, id, bream, perch, pike, trout. The fish should be tortured, but left in the wires, with a mixture of salt and spices on the outside and inside and wrapped in water, so that the corpse, whose body was in the middle of the fish, is now fired. Insert the fish bag and cover it with coal and ash. After half an hour, you can get the fish, slowly slicing it, so that the juice is not sliced ​​and cook for another five minutes – let the fish brown. The belly of the fish can be filled with herbs.


It is not difficult to follow conditions to create a smokehouse. Two holes are digging, a trout is removed from them, a hollow is broken, the soil is removed, and the animals return to its place. There will be a furnace in one hole, the chimney above the other is made of a square for removal from the stairs. After the fire burns between layers of the Earth’s surface, a grid of locusts has been laid and a fish on it. If the wingspan is about 50-70 centimeters, you can find hot smoked fish. All you need to do is charcoal charcoal. If the distance is increased and the fire is regularly extinguished with raw sawdust, so that the wood hardly touches, gets out of the smoke, you will have cooling fish, but this process can take more than a day. General Chat Chat Lounge

Fresh fish

Cut the spring or trout into pieces, salt, pepper, put them in a bag and place them in a backpack. After an hour, you can try a little fish. The salmon came with a minimum of saline with a ratio of sugar to salt 1: 4 – one day in the heat, and you can serve the table. In order to nail the body evenly, it is necessary to cut the spinal cord as well as the skin.

Fish Frying

Small fish straw, small roach, dill, carp, desserts, missense – cooked very quickly in a frying pan. The main thing is not to overpower the oils with freshness scrambled fish rather than a fresh one.

Fish on the board

Trotter will soon be producing in Finland – on board. The fish is cut from the spinal cord and spreads along the spinal cord. Then take a board, cut it with a log or a metal paddle. For them, with a rigid thread (not synthetic!), They attach to the fish – skin for support, flesh out. Lubricate with salt and spices and spit on the fire. The fats and moisture left over do not allow the rope to burn. After 20 minutes the dish is ready


The fish made for storage is smoking more than the place where it is eaten: it should be more dry. Polyphylene belts are not suitable for transportation – the fish “bark” in them, wrapping it in paper.


The small fish are completely salted, along with the ridge, additional salt samples have to be cut and salt will be found there as well. Keep in mind that the fish closes the sea, and keep the seal containers in mind in advance. It can be a plastic bucket, barrel, box box or a tight plastic bag. In oral products, you cannot give salt to fish.


People in the North and the Far East manage to save fish without using salt. They cut it into sliced ​​strips and hung them on horizontal poles. The wind is blowing, the circle is rotating, the fish have no time to sit on the fish. Kids in the culture use a different method: salt the fish, and when they hang it in the air, cover it with baked mesh in sunflower oil.


If you are going to relax on a fishing grounds, take a bottle of thermos and a shit kit with you – these are sold in grocery stores. The fish must be frozen in the fridge, and later wrapped in several layers of newspapers and packages with cold-frozen bars: it will remain intact at home. You can already buy foil polyethylene in the building desert, and then wrap it with frozen fish – in the hot weather the “stuff” doesn’t deteriorate for several days. Checked more than once

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