Our Earth suffered a lot of plague in the history of human being. Among them Black Death was known for the deathliest plague, causing the life of about 75 to 125 million human beings. Among them Great Plague of London, Plague of Justinian, Spanish flu, Antonine Plague and many other due to which human suffer a lot. Recently, another virus most familiarly known as Corona Virus or COVID-19 strike the earth and in this article you will read about coronavirus safety tips.

History of Coronavirus Plague:

In late 2019, this virus began making people ill in China. There is still no such evidence that from where this virus began. But there is one natural explanation for this. COVID-19 may have simply evolved from an older animal infecting coronavirus. Things that can make you sick by reproducing inside you, virus are the smallest. Viruses are so small that hundreds of these can easily fit in a single bacterial cell.

Coronavirus are huge family of virus species that effect animals’ cell. But during these reproductions they sometime changes creating new viruses which can affect us. In early, 2000 SARS Coronavirus that used to effect only bats, appears to have spilled over into cavities. There they muted even further and spilled over humans. They are called SARS virus because its causes serious acute Respiratory Syndrome. Its spread Internationally from person to person and now every day by day we are seeing thousands of new cases.

As this recent plague taken almost all countries around the World. Precaution and safety tips as directed by Scientist is the most important tool to use these days. Here are some COVID-19 safety tips you must adopt.


Remember one thing, only safety is important till scientist develop vaccine for this pandemic. Follow these tips guide your family friends and all people in your circle must attend these exercises.

Washing your Hands:

Washing your Hands

Every person washes hands often as a general cleanliness in routine life. But very few of us used to spends 20 seconds washing them. From now on first step as a safety you have to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Or you can use hand sanitizers having at least 60% alcohol.

  • Benefit: Washing hands frequently remove virus from your hands.

Keep Social Distancing:

Getting away from anybody for at least 3 feet (1meter) is called social distancing.
Why social distancing is important?
As we know this virus transfer directly from person to person, and its spread is extremely very fast. It is observed that if 5 persons are infected by this illness, they can transfer to about 550 more peoples. And if you see normal flu it will hardly infect 50 peoples. Also, when person
How to do social distancing?
Maintain distance, never go to places where crowed gathered like malls, stadiums, grocery shops etc.

  • Benefit: This activity is the best way to slow down the transfer, until scientist develop medicine.

Stay Home:

You never know a person walking on road is affected with this disease or not. Or a person who was infected and coughs from the area you are passing. Disease remain for a long time, in that area. Stay home as much as possible don not go out without very serious need.
Another term used for staying home is self-isolation. It is different in sense that you what you are eating you should eat on your own. Separating your mugs, crockery, watching your clothes with warm water of 60degrees.

  • Benefit: Staying home can help you in maintaining distance as well direct exposure to people.

Follow Respiratory Hygiene:

Respiratory Hygiene is term used for cough and sneeze etiquettes. You should always cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing. But important thing is that do not use your bare hands. Always use tissue or your elbow. Properly dispose used tissue. This coughing or sneezing etiquettes should always be followed in normal routine as well.

  • Benefit: You will not spread virus or disease in atmosphere. We shake hands and if you sneeze covering with our hands. Chances that we affect another person with it.

Wear Mask:

Wear Mask

According to guide line and COVID-19 safety tips as directed by World Health Organization, it is important to wear mask. But you do not need to wear it always. Only wear mask if you are sick or caring somebody who is sick. But you should also wear while going out as you do not know where this disease is. Try to use N95 mask as it contains extra layers from which virus cannot go to your mouth or nose. If not, easily available you can use cloth to cover.

  • Benefit: As virus always attack from mouth and nose covering them could be best practice for Coronavirus Precaution.

Clean and Disinfect Surface:

Always try to clean frequently touched surfaces with water or surface cleaners. This routine should also be adopted in normal days. As cleanliness avoid growth of bacteria.

  • Benefit: Dirty places are home of bacterial growth. As doors handle etc, are mostly touched by every person clean them more frequently.


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