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Cranberry sauce recipes for poultry

Recipe Tips and Advice for Cranberry Sauce

The most famous gas station in the west and in the United States is the Credatory Sauce. Their popularity was not even played by our people, because at the price of their sweet and crisp flavors, they cooked in unique flavors, aromas and festive flavors from the bird and the cranberry’s useful properties have long been known.
Preparing a dressing for meat from cranberry sauce is not a difficult process, though it can take us some time, mainly for heat treatment.

Tips and principles for preparing cranberry sauce for meat.
As a rule, only fresh berries are used to cure the recipe for cranberry sauce, but if none – there is nothing to worry about, the taste of filling with frozen fruit won’t hurt much. General Chat Chat Lounge


  • Go to the ruthless fruit-producing berry;
  • Dry and dry thoroughly in water at room temperature;
  • Combine the other ingredients – put everything in a container, until the berries are beaten, squeezing the juice out.
  • If there is a mixer – throw cranberries inside and grind well until fragrant.
  • There may be other subtleties, but they are already “a scary dance” that will not affect the product in any way, so be careful not to over-price it.

Recipe for cranberry sauce for turkey, US version

Does Christmas in America Go Without a Turkey? Yes, no. And what kind of turkey without a cranberry sauce for a New Year’s holiday? It’s delicious and extraordinary for us to celebrate New Year’s and Christmas with American and British traditions of moving to Russia, people appreciating the joy of a common meal at home, and cooking cranberries for meat according to the cuisine. Given.


  • Cranberry – three full glasses;
  • Fresh Peel – with a single fruit;
  • Sugar – 1 glass, can be small, look at your taste;
  • Natural Orange Juice – 0.5 cups;
  • Red wine – 0,5 glasses


  1. Remove the oranges and finely chop the orange;
  2. Everything is good. Mix the ingredients in the saucepan, add maximum fire and bring the mixture to a boil;
  3. As the public boils out, set at least the fire method and cook until all the cranberry shoots are broken,
  4. highlighting the desired juice;
  5. When all the berries have burst, and the dressing is thick, the pan can be removed from the fire;
  6. We wait until the sauce is cool and we throw everything into the blender;
  7. Grind in apparatus until uniform liquid is obtained.

The shelf life of the finished product is huge, so it is not necessary to prepare it directly on the day of the celebration. They can comfortably wait their time in the fridge.

Recipe for cranberry sauce for goats

Despite the fact that turkey is a traditional American product for cranberry sauce, which goes well with goats, and usually with any poultry meat, efficient cookies have found a more successful form, especially Works for ducks.


  • Fresh or frozen cranberries – three glasses;
  • Sugar – 1 glass, you can reduce it slightly depending on your taste;
  • Orange – 3 pieces;
  • Lemon – 0,5 pieces;
  • Potato sausage, ground – 0.5 teaspoon


  1. We rinse and brush cannabis, let it dry;
  2. Open the orange juice in a separate glass, drink half a lemon in another container;
  3. Find a deep saucepan within which we add our juices, sugar and orange juice;
  4. Mix well, put out a small fire and wait for the cranberries to burst;
  5. At this point, add pre-skinned lemon juice;
  6. Continue cooking for another 10-12 minutes, stirring occasionally with future sauce;
  7. Turn off the cooker, add a small teaspoon of potato to the July dirt and let the product cool.

The cranberry sauce is preferably enclosed in a seal and put in the fridge when you want to use it, remove it in advance, it is much thicker

Preparing cranberry sauce for any kind of poultry meat is not a big deal. Sweet and tasty has made the whole family happy, and you can return more than one to this recipe. Plus, this pancake, liver, is great for any dessert. Bone opiate!

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