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From London to Glasgow by train, bus, car and flights

How to reach Glasgow from London

Glasgow is 405 miles from London, a long way to drive all at once. Naturally, there are easier, faster and more economical ways to travel from the British capital to the arts capital of cleaner Glasgow. These information sources will help you plan your trip that reflects your time scale and your budget.

How to get there
By train
The Western Test Micline Services, the oldest passenger route in Britain, operated by a listed company between the London terminals and the terminals of the line at Glasgow Central Station.

The journey lasts between 4.5 and 5.5 hours.

In May 2017, regular round trip starts at around 70 pounds (when purchased as a separate unit ticket), but if you are very flexible on the journey, the National Rail Inquiries Tours Finder Finder also gets cheaper. Can come along. General Chat Chat Lounge I faulted another price panner but it included a very limited shipping option.

Fans of slow trips can get an overnight sleeper, a Caledonian sleeper. The trains open from Euston Station at 11.30pm, arriving in Glasgow about eight hours later, with cars starting at £ 40 for a pound next booking. First class trip to the same fare cabin with a bus and breakfast for lounge car prices is £ 170 for fixed reservations and £ 200 for flexible tickets. If you are planning on using the Brit Earl Pass then you know You must not use a pass for Caledonian sleep.

UK travel tips The cheapest train prices are what are called designated “advances” – depending on the distance traveled by most because most rail companies offer advance rates on a first come first served basis. .Whether you can buy a ticket in advance or not, always compare the price of a “single” ticket to a round trip or “return” price, as it is often cheaper to buy two single tickets than one round trip.

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By bus
National Express coaches operate bus services between London and Glasgow. The journey lasts 8 hours and a maximum of 13, depending on whether the bus is direct service or requires a change in Birmingham. Rental deals range from £ 12 single ticket (purchased in advance) to £ 30 each standard meal. There are three guided tours between Victoria Coach Station and Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station in London, with rare trips to Birmingham every day. Bus tickets can be purchased online.

Megabus now operates frequently scheduled services from London to Glasgow, with prices ranging from £ 1 to £ 20. Find out more about their overnight trip to Glasgow with sleeper service Megabus in an extra-long, bandy bus.

UK Travel Tips Most National Express trips between London and Glasgow overnight or when arriving at non-essential hours. Because tickets are sold on a one-way (single) basis, it can be tempting to put together the best combination of fares and fares. The company’s low rent is very easy to find using a finder. This is what you call National Express “fun fare”, which is the cheapest option available. Usually they have to be bought first and the supply is limited.

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Glasgow by car from London
Glasgow is 405 miles north of London via M1, M6. According to the M42, A74 (M), M73 and M8 Motorways Automobile Association, the journey should take about 7 hours to drive in traffic-free conditions. However, be warned, any trip using the M1 and M6 will never include traffic-free conditions. It may take you 12 to 15 hours or more. Also keep in mind that gasoline, known as petrol in the UK, is sold for a liter (slightly more than one way) and the price is usually higher than $ 1.50 a quint.

Checkout Google Flight Booking.

Check daily petrol (gasoline) prices

Searching for flights from London to Glasgow?
I rarely recommend an airport between destinations in the UK mainland because when you consider the time and cost of arriving and arriving at the airport at any end, rail is usually a better option. There is.

Glasgow is an exception to this rule. Unless you are traveling on a sleeper or tour and moving your country for several days, London is a long and tiring journey by Glasgow car or train.

On the other hand, good and cheap flight plans are available. Regular flights from London to Glasgow Airport, Heathrow, Gatwick, London City and Stansted Airport leave throughout the day. Flight takes about 1 1/2 hours. Cheapest and most frequent flights (in 2017) from Stansted to Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

On the other hand, good and cheap flight plans are available. Regular flights from London to Glasgow Airport, Heathrow, Gatwick, London City and Stansted Airport leave throughout the day. Flight takes about 1 1/2 hours. The cheapest and most frequent flights (in 2017) were easy-to-see flights from Stansted to Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

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