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Khunjerab Pass is a mountain pass on the Karakorum highway through the Himalayas with an altitude of 4693 m or 15,397 feet. Khunjerab to China link is the best path of trade between Pakistan and China. It is a mesmerizing place for nature-loving tourists because it seems alive; when they visit them, they feel their breath. The natural scenes heal the body and refresh the soul. Due to its high altitude, the weather of Khunjerab Pass remains frosty cold that’s why it is the exquisite attraction for winter-loving people. The snow-covered mountains, frozen rivers, and other enchanting scenes influenced them to the extent to must visit this site.

Here Pakistanis can also meet Chinese families which came from the other side of the Khunjerab border. The Chinese are sociable towards Pakistanis, so you can communicate with them. Exchanging coins and taking snaps with them is also gratifying to visitors.

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Here’s below the charismatic sites to visit in Khunjerab Pass that’ll profoundly fascinate you. Khunjerab National Park is the most appealing place among these for tourists.

Khunjerab National Park

  • Alit & Bilat Forts
  • Ata Abad lake
  • Hoper glacier in Nagar
  • Batura Glacier
  • Passu village

Now, learn in detail about the significance of these sites and why you must visit these sites when you visit Khunjerab Pass?

1. Khunjerab National Park:

Khunjerab National Park, named after Khunjerab, located in Hunza–Nagar District,    Karakoram, and Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan is considered one of the few highest altitude parks in the world. Due to its elevated height, 17,000 ft, or 5,200 m, it is the most illustrious and idolized place among visitors. It was established primarily as a means to shelter endangered and threatened species which includes Marco Polo sheep (as well as snow leopards and bharal) because these are only found in this area in Pakistan.

Khunjerab National Park is worth visiting because the beauty of ice-capped mountains relish while the animals here amuse the visitors. It has one of the largest concentrations of the elusive snow leopard. Due to so much snow high on the mountains, many animals were just close to the road. Sceneries are unlimited here, so if you are a nature-loving person then must visit this to get amazing life experience.

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2. Altit & Baltit Forts:

Altit Fort is an ancient fort at Alit town in the Hunza Valley in Gilgit Balochistan, Pakistan. If   you love culture and history then it is a must-visit site for you. The people of Altit belong to Huns and the Huns came from Huang-Ho valley in China. The fort is characterized by low portals and small rooms with elegant wood carvings.

Baltit Fort is a fort, constructed by stones and wood, located near the town of Karimabad. It has been inhabited by rulers of Hunza.

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3. Hoper glacier in Nagar:

 If you fancy being entertained by snow-covered mountains then must visit Hoper glacier. Hopper Village is one of those very few places where a huge glacier flows below the village. Hopper Nagar is an alluring site for tourists because of prepossessing natural scenes. The refreshing breeze here energize our body and refreshes our soul. Must visit this site while you are on the road to Khunjerab Pass.

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4. Attabad Lake:

When you are traveling for Khunjerab Pass, don’t forget to visit this beautiful lake. It is one of the prime tourist attractions because it offers various recreational activities. It was opened on January 2010, till then it was renowned for its beauty, its offered activities such as fishing, jet skilling, boating e.t.c. Gulmit Continental Hotel, presenting charming natural scenes, is the most ranked hotel near it.

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5. Battura Glacier:

Battura Glacier, present in the Gojal region, is significantly high because it is the world’s seven longest and Pakistan fourth-longest glaciers. The beauty of nature comes to end here due to resplendent ice-capped mountains. The lower portion contains a grey sea of rocks and gravelly moraine. The herd of sheep, cows, goats, yak, and roses and juniper trees are common here.

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 6. Passu village: 

Passu village present between Hunzan Sosts, adjacent to Khunjerab Pass, is very rich in natural beauty. It lies near the Passu glacier and just south of the Batura glacier. It is a small village but renowned for its beauty among tourists. Many tourists make it a base camp for a night stay while traveling for the Khunjerab top.

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