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If you want to visit something marvelous in UAE then don’t miss the great ​Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The skyscraper ​Burj Khalifa​, formerly known as ​Burj Dubai​, was changed in the honor of president UAE Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan to ​Burj Khalifa​ on the opening ceremony on Jan 4, 2010, for his pivotal support. The remarkable building’s design is created after being inspired by the geometry of the Hymenocallis flower also known as a desert lily.

The global icon ​Burj Khalifa building​ breaks all the records of the tallest buildings. It is twice the height of the Empire State Building and thrice the size of the Eiffel Tower. Its height surpassed anything that was built up from the ground. According to the estimation, the ​cost​ of $1.5 billion spent on its construction.

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Architecture and Construction

Visionary ideas and solid science combine to put Burj Khalifa into the map. The considerable achievement was awarded to the global ​architect ​Adrian Smith with many other engineers. Samsung C&T of South Korea was the primary contractor. The Y shape plan offers you the maximum view of the Arabian Gulf. Excavation work began in Jan 2004 and just 1325 days, it became the centerpiece of this world to grab the tourists towards them. This architectural​ tallest building in the world​ has 828 meters ( 2716.5 feet)​ height ​and has more than 160 ​stories​ to influence cutting edge technology with mixed cultures.

What makes Burj Khalifa worth visiting?

Dubai is always the most tourist attractive place. ​Burj Khalifa,​ the Dubai mall, ​Burj khalifa park​, Dubai fountain, an observation deck in its surroundings are the topmost Dubai visited sites for record-breaking tourists from all around the world. But the center of attraction in Dubai is always ​Burj Khalifa​. It’s not just a building but it is a multi-use building with many architectural structures you have known about!! So, it completes a bundle of happiness and refreshment you get there.

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Inside of Burj al Khalifa​ is characterized by a variety of commercial, luxury residences, and hospitality ventures. People who want to settle in Dubai and desire magnificent apartments to get their residence here. As Dubai is a global tourist place many upper-class people also came here to visit here. They can stay in a 5-star hotel that keeps them satisfied and this splendor hotel and residence was designed by famous Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani. Relish yourself in breathtaking restaurants at staggering heights of 1450 feet. Many business and big deals are also done in their offices.

Your visit is incomplete without heading to the top of ​Burj e Khalifa. ​The observation deck on the 124th floor,125th floor, and now 148th floor is opened to the public, providing them a 360-degree view to check the panoramic view at the top of ​Burj e Khalifa​ with an outdoor terrace and premium lounge. The 148 floor of Burj Khalifa is the tallest observation deck, slickly designed to check the drizzling view of Dubai and its surrounding Middle East landscape below.

Just like Burj Khalifa, its nearby areas are also fabulous and worthy. Visiting them bless you with great sort of pleasure and mind refreshment.

The Dubai Fountain

It is located on the 30-acre​ ​Burj Khalifa​ Lake in ​Downtown Dubai​, between Souk AL Bahar and the ​Dubai Mall​. The​ ​combination of sound, light, fire, fog, and other elements in natural scenery has beautifully deduced the music fountain show. The eye-catching dancing fountain attracts thousands of regular spectators. The show is free of cost and you can relish with any points of its surroundings. Dancing classical to Arabic and international music of dancing fountains will leave you stunned. The combination of different colors and unique patterns engage the spectators towards them.

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Dubai Aquarium and Water Zoo

Are you on a trip to Dubai and you have not visited Dubai Zoo and Aquarium yet? So why are you waiting? The very close to​ Khalifa tower ​is​ the Dubai Mall. ​Get ready for the captivating visit of marine life. The largest indoor aquarium shows you the diverse collection of aquatic life. Just above the aquarium, the underwater zoo will leave you to enthrall with its marine world thrill. There are many sections to visit, you can experience your level of adventure. Lose yourself with 33000 animals to admire.

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The Dubai Mall

Dubai always dazzles its tourists by its awesome places. It never disappoints those tourists who want world-class luxury and memorable visits. ​Dubai mall​ offers you a complete package of shopping, entertainment, and thrills. The swankiest mall always attracted billions of lavish tourists to attract its fashion avenue of the world’s exclusive brands.

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The endless array of delights of blissful shopping and epic sightseeing adventures hopes that it does not disappoint the tourists from any corner of the World with any package.​ Burj Khalifa​ with its extraordinary unique architecture and its surroundings proffer premium experience of delights

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