Notting Hill Movie Venue: A Self-Guided Walking Tour

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Follow the trail of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts on a self-guided walking tour of Notting Hill to see the sights populated by British Romance artists.

To help you find important places, I’ve added them here as a self-guided hike tour starting at the Knitting Hill Gate Tube Station. The walk is approximately 2 miles long and will take about an hour to complete from start to finish.

1. Print Room (formerly Coronet Cinema)

103 At the Notting Hill Gate, next to the Notting Hill Gate Tube Station (depending on which one you can go to) you will find a print room (formerly Coronet Cinema). This is where the science-fiction sci-fi show William Williams (Hugh Grant) plays the role of Anna Scott (Julia Roberts).

The Coronet was opened as a theater in 1898 and was a very respectable place in which King Edward VI had seen a performance and Sir John Gielgud saw his first Shakespeare play. It acted as a cinema for the local community for years and was transformed back into a theater in 2010.

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Rosmead Gardens

Rosemead Gardens, Rosemead Road, Notting Hill, London Laura Porter
Directions: From the print room, head down Notting Hill Gate to the Holland Park tube station. At Holland Park Station, go to Lansdowne Road from the right. There is a sixth turn to the left on Rosemid Road.

They are the private communal gardens that Anna (Julia Roberts) and William (Hugh Grant) break into the night, and dinner at the Bella and Max’s house for dinner, and William’s .Not only is it illegal but there is a huge shortage of railing on the garden side.

Rosmead Gardens is part of the Ladrocop Estate, which includes other nearby private gardens: Arundel Gardens and St John’s Gardens. Despite looking like a small park, these private gardens are owned and maintained by local owners, so only people who have a key to gain access.

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Bella and Max’s house

Bella and Max’s Home, 91 Lansonde Road, Notting Hill, London Laura Porter
Directions from Rosmead Gardens on Rosmead Road: Leave on Lansdowne Road and 9.1 to your left.

91 Lanson Road was the home of Bella (Gina McKee) and Max (Tim McKinner) and where William (Hugh Grant) brought a famous actress to her younger sister’s birthday party as a dinner date.

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Portobello Road Market

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Directions from Bela’s and Max’s house: Continue along Lansdowne Road and turn left onto Loughborough Grove. Turn right at Albion Crescent and turn right (second on the right) at Pablo Road.

In the opening scene of the film, William (Hugh Grant) opens his own bookstore, The Travel Book.

Find out more about the Porto Road market

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Travel Book Co.

“Travel Bookshop”, 142 Portobolro Road, Notting Hill, London. Laura Porter
Directions from Portobole Road Market: Continue along Portobole Road (right to Allinan Crescent) and continue to number 142.

142 Portobello Road was the location of the movie for William Travel’s (Hugh Grants) travel book company. There was never a book with a book because it was Nicholas Antique Arcade, then a furniture store called Gong and when it was last checked, it was a gift shop.

The fiction bookstore was based on a nearby actual travel bookstore.

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The Trail Bookshop

The Travel Libraries, 13-15 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill, London W11 2EE Laura Porter
Directions from The Trail Book Koh: Turn left on Portobolaro Road and Beckenham Crescent, after Allinan Crescent

At 13-15 Blenheim Crescent, the original travel bookstore has been in business for over 30 years but closed in 2011. The beginning of another book has been forgotten in its place

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Blue Door (Williams Flat)

280 Westbourne Park Road, Notting Hill, London W11 1EH Laura Porter
Directions from The Trail Bookshop: Return to Portobello Road and turn left. You will pass St. Tattoo Parlor at 201 Portobole Road, where a drunken/confused person comes out with “I Love Can” tattoos in the film and never mind why Westbourne Park Road is next to Portobello Road. Take a left onto 280 Basti Park Road.

The home movie was once owned by screenplay writer Richard Cortes. The original blue door was removed and sold at Christie’s auction because it was so popular and many people came to put their name on it.

It has been replaced with a black door so that it doesn’t get much attention, but time has passed and current owners have lovingly painted the door blue again (need a new pick – sorry about that).

Its property is very valuable in multi-millionaires and is actually a popular chapel, featuring large windows and strange-poor churches, so there is nothing like the studio used for indoor shooting in the film. You can’t see any of it by the road, but just look for the blue door near the corner of Portobello Road and other confused tourists also think it’s the right door. It is.

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