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The best restaurants in Finland were announced again: The best-known trio, see the toughest ascenders

The results of the vote on Finland’s 50 Best Restaurants were announced. The top three are familiar from last year, but Palace improved their position and won the Best Food category. The fastest rider is Inari in Helsinki, who was also awarded the Newcomer of the Year.

Grön from Helsinki once again won the vote in Finland’s 50 Best Restaurants. Grön was followed by BasBas and Olo from Helsinki. The same trio were in the top spot a year ago. The investments of BasBas and Olon had only reversed.

Returning to the Michelin star base, Palace improved to fourth place. Last year it was voted 11th. Palace also won the Best Food category for last year’s winner Grön’s nose.

The real surprise of the list is the restaurant Inari, which has been operating in Helsinki for less than a year. It went straight to fifth and also won the Best Newcomer category.

Sixth place went to restaurant Kaskinen in Turku.

The five-star editorial states in its announcement that the top six stands out clearly.

– Grön’s recognition at the top of the list is highlighted by the fact that even one in three voting professionals ranked him among the top five restaurants on his list.

In addition to Inari, the fast-paced runner-up is Helsinki’s lossy restaurant Nolla, which ranks straight 13th. Tampere’s newcomer Kajo is ranked 18th.

The list turnover is high. Eeropekka Rislakki, editor-in-chief of Five Stars Online Media, says that today, the best raw materials used by small domestic producers are a basic prerequisite.

“Mostly they are used in a Scandinavian context or the restaurant has a bigger story like ethics, zero loss or sustainable development,” says Rislakki.

The second clear trend he sees is the return of classics and even the rise of French cuisine.

– On the same list are wild and experimental restaurants with completely self-loud sounds, such as Gastro Cafe Kallio and Inari from Helsinki and Mikko Utter from Lohja. Otherwise, self-loathing and personality – The thing! – are prestigious qualities, he says.

Of the restaurants on the list, 20 are from outside Helsinki: Kirkkonummi, Porvoo, Järvenpää, Lohja, Kangasala, Oulu, and Joensuu.

– The number one spot in the provinces covered many of the capital’s classics and experimental restaurants, the release notes.

Finland’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2019 is based on the national vote of professionals. Their views are issued as restaurateurs, chefs, act as hall-side management positions, among other things, the alcohol industry and the restaurant and food writing professionals.

The poll was conducted by the Five Stars of the Horeca Media in cooperation with Food Camp Finland.

Winners of the subcategories
Best Service (Vegetable Exchange): Baskeri & Basso Bistro, Helsinki

Best Food (Arla): Restaurant Palace, Helsinki

Best newcomer (Kespro): Inari, Helsinki

Best Employer (Sumpli): Baskeri & Basso Bistro, Helsinki

Best wine list: Restaurant Muru, Helsinki

Best beer selection: Gastropub Tuulensuu, Tampere

Best Restaurant Event: Taste of Helsinki

Best Classic Restaurant: Savoy, Helsinki

Best atmosphere: Baskeri & Basso Bistro, Helsinki

Best Ethical Restaurant: Zero, Helsinki

Finland’s 50 Best Restaurants of 2019

1. Grön, Helsinki
2. BasBas, Helsinki
3. Olo, Helsinki
4. Palace, Helsinki
5. Inari, Helsinki
6. Kaskis, Turku
7. Vinkkeli, Helsinki
8. Ora, Helsinki
9. Demo, Helsinki
10. Ask, Helsinki
11. Chapter, Helsinki
12. C, Tampere
13. Zero, Helsinki
14. Mami, Turku
15. Restaurant Bertha, Tampere
16. Muru, Helsinki
17. Wino, Helsinki
18. Kajo, Tampere
19. Restaurant Huber, Tampere
20. Emo, Helsinki
21. Ultima, Helsinki
22 .. Savoy, Helsinki
23 SicaPelle Wining & Dining, Porvoo
24. BasBas & Staff Wine Bar, Helsinki
25. Nude, Helsinki
26. Mannos, Helsinki
27. Smör, Turku
28. Yes Yes Yes, Helsinki
29. Kosmos, Helsinki
30. Kuurna, Helsinki
31. Gastro Cafe Kallio, Helsinki
32. Mikko Utter, Lohja
33. Ragu, Helsinki
34. Farang, Helsinki
35. Shell, Turku
36. Local Bistro, Joensuu
37. Hella and Room, Tampere
38. Karu Izakaya, Turku
39. Paakari, Kangasala
40. Ludu, Turku
41. Pastis, Helsinki
42. Bistro O Mat, Kirkkonummi
43. Carelia, Helsinki
44. Season Gastro Bar, Järvenpää
45. Just, Helsinki
46. Aanaar, Inari
47. Ostroferia, Oulu
48. Tintå, Turku
49. Passio Kitchen and Bar, Helsinki
50. Pastor, Helsinki

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