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Top 10 tiotradinal dishes of Chinese cuisine

Prologue to Chinese cooking

The kitchen China owes its notoriety to the variety of food it offers and to the harmony that is looked for in the dishes. The blend of flavors translates into mixes of vegetables and meat/fish or rice-based plans or sautéed noodles with sauces and flavors.

A food with provincial impacts

The cultural richness of the country is felt in the culinary craftsmanship with the goal that one talks of kitchens in the plural to qualify the gastronomy of the country. It is separated into four major groups according to the districts of starting point which are themselves isolated into eight subgroups. Depending on the locale, the influences are diverse: it is here and there said that the south is the area where sugar is very present, the west is the chilli region , the east is stamped by sour dishes and the north is known for his salty dishes.

Top 10 conventional Chinese dishes

Pork prepared sauce

Seared noodles


Customary dish that arrives in a large number of plans.

Shuang Jiao yu tou

Fish served in a spicy sauce .

Steamed ravioli

ALF photo

Extraordinary cooking technique giving a unique flavor to this wheat-based batter.

Cantonese rice

Jérôme Rommé

Typical popular consisting of sauteed rice and a few just as tofu.

Sichuanese fondue


Bits of various meats to absorb soup prepared with many herbs and spices .


Glutinous rice cake tasted before ceremonial meals .

spring rolls

© Jérôme Rommé

Shrimp, chicken or pork is the most mainstream diminish sum (small chomps steamed or singed).

The duck


Frequently joined by little vegetables, this dish is appreciated in China.

Beef with onions

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