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Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. There are many places in Islamabad where you can go and enjoy your holidays.It’s no surprise that the rival stain rule is that the rule of all this type of circumstance that’s generated in such an oversized scale. Islamabad isn’t merely the gorgeous cities of Pakistan however it’s the foremost appealing of the urban areas of the globe. 
Islamabad is home to a lot of interested wood populations and parks around cities. Its feeling and peace and prosperity are found during this town. It appears to air the system and progress. Islamabad is understood because of the complainant of the mountains. Capital of Pakistan is that the mountain that is feasible for its existence. In recent year’s Islamabad was declared as the 2nd most beautiful capital of the World. In this article you will know about top places to visit in Islamabad and things to in Islamabad.

Following are the Things to do in Islamabad.

If you are in Islamabad, Pakistan and looking for the best places to visit in Islamabad and these places you should not miss.

1. Faisal Masjid:

One of the Islamabad famous places, completed in 1986, the Faisal Masjid (also called Shah Faisal Masjid) is an extremely giant and distinctive masjid in Islamabad. Designed by a Turkish designer who won a global competition for the pride and respect, Faisal masjid is formed sort of a desert Bedouin’s tent and functions because the national masjid of Asian nation.TOP PLACES TO VISIT IN ISLAMABAD

2. Lok Virsa Museum:

The Heritage museum is that the first and most unique museum of anthropology in Pakistan that presents the history and living traditions of the individuals of Pakistan each from the thought and also the remotest regions of the country. The placement of this landmark accomplishment at Islamabad enriches the federal capital and adds to its attractions.

3. Margalla Hills:

The Margalla Hills are packed with hiking tracks that snake their high ridge first-rate and down through wooded valleys. The walks will be steep, and it’s sometimes hot and dry thus take as much water as you could and don’t walk alone. Margalla Hills is that the piece of the Himalaya. This can be the terribly lovely place wherever many of us return from and around the world as a result of the mountains are very noticeable and really spectacular. You’ll be able to run or go into the realm, which is simply an Islamabad outing place, visible of the foremost lovely lightweight of the mountains; this can be an excellent spot for people. Enjoy your picnic in Margalla Hills Islamabad

4. Saidpur Village:

Saidpur Village located on the slopes of Margalla Hills in Islamabad is one among the oldest villages of Pakistan. Over 5 hundred years recent Saidpur Village is understood for its heritage, history and lore. Recently the village is serving jointly of the favourite picnic place in Islamabad for each native and foreign guest. The village inclination on the slopes of Margalla Hills presents a gorgeous read in soft and smooth lightweight of morning and evening.

5. Simly Dam:

Simply Dam may be a celebrated mound dam in Islamabad, Pakistan close to Soan stream. This large fake water barrier was made by the Capital Development Authority and was inbuilt 1983 so as to supply water provide and to serve irrigation functions.Beautiful Islamabad

6. Pir Sohawa:

Pir Sohawa may be a commonplace near to Islamabad with a panoramic read of town. It’s an incredible place for a leisure walk down pleasant jungle ways. Fancy a picnic during a wild jungle settling whereas looking life and paying attention to bird calls.

7. Golra Sharif Railway deposit:

Golra Sharif Railway deposit may be a junction station within the northern section of the Pakistan Railways system within the Rawalpindi Division of the Pakistan Railways. This railroad station is that the website of an honored Railway deposit housing the relics and record related to railways geological dating back to the times of British people rule. 

8. Pakistan Monument:

Famous place to visit in Islamabad

Pakistan Monument in Pakistan is tweeted because the national memorial of Pakistan. Bhutto, who was to sacrifice his life for Pakistan’s independence, was bestowed in Pakistan Monument. The amazing history, culture, tradition and civilization of Pakistan represented and recognized by this monument. This deposit has been saddened that these people ought to gift the tribute of those who have sacrificed all the life for a separate country. 

9. Daman-e-Koh:

A beautiful place on the Margalla Hills of referred to as Daman-e- Koh. Listed in the top places to visit in Islamabad because it’s just about lovely and there are too several plants. Daman-e- Koh place is found within the mountains from wherever capital of Pakistan appearance at the sweetness of the town. Daman-e- Koh place could be a fantastic place for guests to the capital of Pakistan. You’ll be able to notice several monkeys who range there, don’t stick with them as a result of they capture the crime procession at any time otherwise, you will get bothered with one thing.

10 Rawal Lake:

On this occasion, you would like happy to work with the family. It’s a house to go to Rawal Lake. It’s a requirement that it ought to be close to and shut to the lake so you’ll be able to visit take monger utensils or acid teases. Rawal Lake is a great place for a picnic and caring for animals and travelling place along with your friends or family. Wonderful time to travel here an hour before night wherever you will be able to admire the method of the carpenter’s weight and then, it’s sensible to catch it.

11. Monal Restaurant:

During the visit to Daman-e-Koh, you’ll be able to visit the amazing restaurant. On this occasion; you may notice things to eat. Where you’ll be able to distinguish the fact of this, you’ll be able to praise Pakistani dishes like studies. Monal Restaurants and cooks ideal in the capital of Pakistan.

12. Islamabad Club:

Islamabad Club could be a people club where it’ll be a collaborating government, as well as work secretaries and amazing people of Pakistan’s capital. Swimming bath lawn tennis courts library during this club, and especially, is additional and additional full. 

13. Centaurus Mall:

In addition to a farmer and hair, modest engineering within the town of capital of Pakistan additionally to the Centaurus Mall is one in every of the best example ever. It’s a shopping precinct and a noted chance for guests to own a noted purpose and vacation lightweight. In Centaurus Mall the globe best brands and conjointly Pakistani brands out there.

14. Itwaar Bazaar:

I want to inform regarding the Sunday Bazaar of capital of Pakistan that is incredibly beautiful and aren’t expensive. This can be a fabulous market to looking to your friends and your family well. 


Islamabad Pakistan  could be a terribly lovely town that appears at honey heart discussion and food and is incredibly inquisitive about giving back to Pakistan’s brokers.
These were the list of very few best places to visit in Islamabad, but Islamabad is not limited to these. The natural look and beauty of Islamabad will lead to everlasting experience and great memorable moments of life.


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