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Dubai as a ‘world-class city’ features sales bargains, sunshine, and family fun. The record-breaking and mind-blowing attractions make Dubai the best place to visit. Along with the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, the amazing adventures, stellar hospitality, and unique shopping experience is the reason of ‘Why you must visit Dubai’? 

5 Must-Visit Sites in Dubai:

The conversion from the desert outpost to the most advanced and modern country having man-made and natural marvelous made Dubai the best place to live and visit. The country is popular for its amazing skylines, nightlife scenes, sea & sand, biggest traveler hubs, grand shopping malls, luxury hotels, unique museums and zoos, and many more. Here I present to you the five most happening Dubai tourist places that every visitor must explore.

  1. Souk Madinat Jumeirah:

Souk Madinah Jumeirah, located in the heart of Madinah Jumeirah Resort, with access through the main entrance elevator is a tranquil outdoor mall, combining traditional Middle Eastern shopping culture of stalls, stands, and barrows with a blend of souvenir gift shops, boutique brands, modern fashion, and jewelry. Being a location of luxury bars, night clubs, restaurants, and theaters make it a loving place for tourist. Moreover, its seamless transport options and perfect setting left a unique experience for visitors.

The Souk Madinah Jumarah Christmas market is an ever-loving site for tourists because it exposes a magical winter wonderland between 13 and 28 December. It is worth-enjoying for all ages from a snow fight zone to bungee jumping. Live band, Santa visit, gingerbread house decoration, abra tours with Santa, and cookie decoration makes the festival more entertaining. Don’t miss this celebration if you visit Dubai in the winter.

  1. Dubai Miracle Garden:

Dubai Miracle Garden is the worldwide largest flower garden in Dubai, launched on Valentine’s Day in 2013. This magic garden in Dubai occupies over 775,000 square feet of land; the garden creates impressive shapes and designs using fields and flowerbeds. This makes it a captivating and charming floral world. It attracts 55,000 visitors per week and is currently attempting a Guinness Record as the world’s longest flower wall with a one-km circumference.

The park has collected the best examples of flowers and plants from all around the world which makes it able to works as an exhibition and welcomes tourists during 6-7 months per year. Also, if you want to hydrate yourself during the visit or want a quick snack to have the energy for more journeys, you will be glad to know that there is also a food court in the garden, covered with a ceiling made of colorful umbrellas.

Located right next to the Dubai flower Park is the Butterfly Garden Dubai. As Miracle Garden is the largest flower garden in the world, it is the largest butterfly garden in the world.  There is also a butterfly museum and a lush garden tthat is built with various plants and flowers, fountains, birds, and fish ponds. It’s a habitat of 15,000 butterflies from over 50 categories (housed in 10 custom domes) especially frenzy of fluttering butterflies greets tourists much.

  1. Motion Gate Dubai:

If you want to enter the world of fantasy, then must visit Motion Gate Dubai. Iis a Hollywood-inspired theme park based on DreamWorks Animation. To bring you endless adventure, fun, and entertainment, the park features 13 of the greatest Hollywood movies and combines three of Hollywood’s most celebrated motion picture studios (Lionsgate DreamWorks Animation, and Columbia Pictures) all under one place to offer visitors unlimited adventure, recreation, and fun.

For visiting your childhood with your loving movie characters Motion Gate Park is the best place. Five exciting zones along with 27 rides and live shows, across its 1.9 million square feet space is the reason for its status of ‘Middle East’s biggest Hollywood-themed park’. Never miss Motion Gate Dubai rides( including,  Melman-Go-Round, The Green HornetWoodland, Play Park, Fountain of DreamsCamp Viking, and a lot more) to derive a lot of joy towards yourself.

Motionagate proffers you nine movie-inspired restaurants (The Candy Apple, Hotel Beastroe, and others) to enjoy delicious food. Buy some movie-themed memorabilia and souvenirs from fascinating shopping outlets. The tourists also entertain them by Panem Aerial Tour that is offering a 4D hovercraft simulator experience, and that is super striking for its blend of dance moves, terrifying stunts, and music.

4. Safa Park Dubai:

Safa Park is the municipal large park (64 hectares) offering a complete escape from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. It’s an urban sanctuary where runners jog around the track and bibliophiles come to read books in secret gardens. The park is designed in a way to make it a perfect place for sports. Sports facilities here include a jogging track and tennis courts, wide expanses of grass are frequently used to provide services of football and cricket. Here you can also enjoy the wonderful view of Burj Khalifa.

For the people of determination, Al Safa Park Dubai renders many leading services and facilities in its various utilities. The park is the best place for family visits as there are public facilities (restrooms and prayer rooms). It greets children by providing them a spacious place for playing.  The separate women’s section with security is one of the most regarded services of the park. Here women can freely spend time with their children in a peaceful manner. One of the most popular attractions at Park is the train rides that take visitors around the park. With over nine stations, the train covers every main part of the massive 64 hectares park in Dubai. The natural scenes here are extremely captivating; more than 80% of the park is covered with green manicured lawns with various trees and flowers.

A few steps from Safa Park, the Holiday Inn Express Safa Dubai Park is nestled on the famous Sheikh Zayed Road. It offers a rooftop fitness room and a free bus to La Mer Beach and Dubai Mall (subject to availability). Capacious rooms that are fully equipped with air conditioning and flat-screen TVs are available.  For beers and wines, a convenience store and a trendy bar are available.

  1. Kite Beach Dubai:

Kite Beach Dubai is one of the most popular beaches in Dubai. The best thing that must be considered is that you can explore it for free there is no entry fee for Kite Beach Dubai. It is named Kite because here the tourist enjoys flying kites in the sky. Just imagine that you are here and you are finding thousand of colors surfing in the sky, and they are not giant birds but kites. The beach is the favorite spot of families and friends. Delicious food is an essential element for good outing and this Kite beach contains food trucks that serve delicious bites. Don’t miss the relish of delightful sliders and their lotus softy on their outdoor terrace.

Kite Beach is famous for kitesurfing & kayaking, this white sand beach offers a jogging track &   kids’ play areas. For cycling, it boosts a 14 Km track designed specifically for this purpose. You can also have fun with open stretches of soft white sand, and the uplifting scents sight the sound of the sea. The beach also features a ‘Splash N Party Waterpark.’ The tourists get adventurous stuff in the ocean whiles the Children splash themselves in the water and perform various activities in it.


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